Complete Cargo Container Inspection in Seattle, WA

Ocean shipping containers need to be re-certified every 2½ years to remain seaworthy. Container & Chassis Inspection Service, Inc. is your full-service provider of cargo container inspection in Seattle, WA. We specialize in surveying (inspecting) shipping containers set for ocean travel, including those bound internationally.

We are a third party service that offers services for re-certification and disputes on certification, helping you to achieve critical shipping container inspection certification in Seattle, WA before your freight ships. We can work to bring certification to virtually any type of container type or style. Our services can be employed in two distinct ways:

  • On-hire service that offers certification of rented or leased shipping containers set for ocean liners.
  • Off-hire service, to survey and certify shipping containers after they arrive at their destination.

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We’re pleased to perform daily operations of various inspections, including on-hire reports, off-hire verification and in-Service Reports. We’re also your premier provider of general condition reports on intermodal and international containerized freight equipment and all aspects thereof, including ISO tank containers witnessing and verification of periodic pressure testing, all ISO dry and refrigerated containers, all types of chassis’ and flat racks, and other specialty equipment of all types.

We provide inspections and certification relating to standards and codes upheld by the following organizations and criteria:

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC)
  • Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL)
  • Unified Container Inspection and Repair Criteria (UCIRC)
  • Common Interchange Criteria (CIC)
  • International Tank Container Organization (ITCO)

shipping container cranes

Whether you’re an international company doing business all over the world, you’re a local freight business, or even the United States Government, know that you can rely on our services like clients have for the past three decades.
Get in touch with us today at 206-546-3656 for more information about how we can assist you and your freight.